Growing Economies Through Gender Parity
Closing the gender gap in the workforce could add a staggering $229 billion to Nigeria's GDP growth.
Source: Mckinsey global institute

NDES Women.

Our recently conducted research indicates that female entrepreneurs have a higher rate of success than their male counterparts, however, there is a big gender gap in the scalable startup entrepreneurship space, which portends detrimental impact on the country’s GDP. Women need to be more involved in the economy, evidence based studies has shown that increased participation of women in the economy will increase GDP per capita, and thus the overall level of wealth of a country.
It is critical to our economic survival as a nation. Various benefits have been highlighted by scholars on the inclusion of women and women-owned businesses. Examples include, increasing the economic chances of the next generation, access to a large pool of unused human capital critical to stimulating job creation; growth and innovation (The International Trade Center, 2017).
How then do we solve this problem? 
For us to increase the participation of women in the entrepreneurial space and economic activity as a whole, it is highly important that we identify and improve the conditions for the start-up, maintenance and sustainable growth of women-owned businesses. This is what NDES Women is about.
NDES Women is an initiative of the Nigeria Digital Economy Summit (NDES) that seeks to include more women in the tech ecosystem. It is a known fact that increased access to finance is an important facilitating factor in the success of women owned businesses. Hence, NDES Women seeks to equip women with the training and finance needed to disrupt the different sectors in the economy and leverage the digital economy properly.
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Accelerator program

We are embarking on an accelerator program to select 5 Nigerian women with the most thought-provoking ideas and practical tech-driven innovations. The five winners to be selected by an independent panel of judges, will be recipients of funding, coaching and mentoring support to bring these innovative ideas to full implementation. This is a joint initiative of NDES WOMEN and FORESIGHT SEEDS FUND.

This is an initiative to ensure the inclusion of more women in the Nigerian Tech Ecosystem. A gender balanced ecosystem is more likely to thrive. As it has been highlighted above, there are numerous benefits from increased participation of women in economic activity. The competition will launch as part of the NDES2020 event, with a social media campaign to raise awareness, and ensure nation-wide participation. Applicants will be directed to complete an application form on the NDES website. A selection of industry experts will scrutinise all applications and highlight the top 5. The successful applicants will be coached on the best business pitch strategy.

These finalists will be put through a series of competitions to weigh their technical abilities, soft skills and more to determine the best amongst them in order of performance. The judges will rate the finalists according to how effective their business case is. The ‘Accelerator Program for Purpose-Driven Female Startup Founders’ will be launched on the Summit day by the Honorable Minister of State for Industry, Trade and Investment.

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