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“Give young people the opportunities, they will not disappoint us” – Jack Ma

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It was an honour to attend the inaugural Nigeria Digital Economy Summit (NDES) last week which aims to leverage technology and investment to transform Nigeria into a leading digital economy. I witnessed a range of informative panel discussions featuring influential figures such as the keynote speaker and wealthiest man in China – Mr Jack Ma Founder of Alibaba Group. I was also lucky enough to meet some amazing entrepreneurs who are truly using technology as a force for good.

The summit was a true blend of the public and private sector with entrepreneurs debating how to harness the fourth industrial revolution within Nigeria alongside politicians (in collaboration with MasterCard, Facebook and the Swedish embassy). A key objective of NDES is to help make the fourth industrial revolution Nigeria’s revolution towards economic growth and inclusive prosperity.

NDES has definitely started an incredibly important conversation and it was highly beneficial to actually debate various practical solutions. Having attended the summit and met so many inspiring people from across the world, I have great hopes for Nigeria’s future.

About the Author: Oluwatomisin Anastasia OSIBONA – Philosophy, Politics and Economics student at the University of Oxford.

(Intern at The Foresight Group).  

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